Upgrading to new kitchen cabinets can be pricey. They may add up to 40 percent of your total kitchen renovation budget. These days, cabinets are less complicated and more streamlined – take the clean lines and corners of our Shaker cabinetry, for instance. Kitchen cabinets must have both function and style. Use our buying guide to help you pick the best cabinets for your kitchen space.

Determine Your Budget

There are three typical cabinets that you can choose from. Stock cabinets can be bought off-the-shelf as they come pre-assembled from the home stores. These are limited in colors and styles. Semi-custom cabinets come in unlimited designs and configurations, but are a bit more expensive than the first option. Custom cabinets are overpriced, because you can add your favorite features to them and make them according to your specifications. Pick the type of cabinet that fits your budget and your needs.

Pick A Style

There are basically two styles to choose from: framed, and frameless. Framed kitchen cabinets are made of a simple box and face frame, to which doors and drawers are attached. Frameless-style cabinets are attached directly to the cabinet box, skipping the frame part. What if you want a European design that is also a framed cabinet? In that case, select a full-overlay door.

Consider Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Make sure to know the different types of cabinets, all of which are sophisticated options.

1. Shaker

Arctic white shaker cabinets are increasing in popularity day-by-day. These lodge five pieces of flat-panel, making a frame with four pieces along ith a flat centre panel as the fifth piece. These offer a classic look and are perfect for either traditional or contemporary design. Because of quality construction and utilitarian designing, homeowners invest more in this type of kitchen cabinet.

2. Louvered

These are constructed with horizontal wooden slats and have a unique appeal. These are incorporated in spaces that require adequate ventilation and are equally suitable as clothes-drying cabinets in a laundry room.

3. Flat-panel

Another common cabinet type that people love to invest in is the flat panel cabinet. A solid flat-panel kitchen cabinet has hard lines and is minimalist in form, making it a reasonable deal. These fit both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

Check the Features

Some of the best kitchen cabinets can be over your budget, but if they have special features like a pullout trash can and built-in charging station or let’s say a spring-loaded shelf that swings up and out, they’re are worth every cent.

Inspect The Construction

You don’t want to regret spending hard-earned money on something as expensive as a kitchen cabinet(s). The signs of well-built kitchen cabinets include solid wood drawers with dovetail jointers, doors with sturdy wood frames attached with a wood or plywood panel, and more.

Our guide for the best kitchen cabinets to buy can help you with necessary kitchen upgrades. If you need any further help, stop by the FGY Stone & Cabinet showroom to chat with our experts.