Burgundy, the color itself, is named after the deep red wine. Whether clothes, a car, hair, or even a kitchen, burgundy stands out in a quiet, classy way. These days, kitchens are awash in burgundy to contribute to the houses’ appeal. Burgundy, as a resounding deep red, creates a dramatic background for light-stoned cabinets. By lighter cabinets, we mean pure white, bleached straw, pale vanilla, silvery gray, or those mimicking weathered wood.

Why Burgundy A Top Consideration For Kitchens?

Burgundy represents luxury, nobility, and elegance. When you add this color to your kitchen, it can make a lasting impression on your visitors. You can go for color contrasts by using burgundy as a backdrop, as well. If you’ve chosen lighter cabinet tones, then opt for a dark backdrop to make a room look more spacious. Such kitchen cabinets are more compatible with shades like burgundy; their colors making the room look more regal.

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What Color Cabinets Go With Burgundy Painted Walls?

Read on to learn how burgundy-colored walls work with kitchen cabinets to create spectacular contrasts.

Harmonizing Light Neutrals

In general, pale-colored cabinets blend in great with dark-colored walls. The combination highlights the texture and hardware of cupboards and drawers. But warm tones of pale yellow or beige harmonize extremely well with a burgundy backdrop to create energy as well as warmth. Though if you favor pure white or milk-infused cappuccino colors, adding a dash of burgundy paint to your kitchen walls will add great sophistication to your kitchen.

Mixing Medium Tones

Medium-colored cabinets like taupe, light oak or beech produce a magnificent contrast with burgundy-colored walls. Consider natural wood finishes for a friendlier effect; metallics would go great for a more contemporary look. Medium-toned cabinets in large spaces such as floors balance darker walls whereas, in small spaces, low contrast helps to unify the colors.

Dramatic Dark Shades

Dark combinations create a feeling of wealth. Dark wood tone such as an amber-colored palette used with burgundy-colored walls help to neutralize the red in burgundy. A slightly gray tone of brown also interacts well with burgundy-colored walls. In contrast, dark browns have ample red in them that may clash with such a wall color and make the room appear mismatched.

Other Considerations

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