Burgundy kitchen cabinets bring a touch of luxury and nobility to the environment of the kitchen. Burgundy kitchen cabinets make your kitchen stand apart because the color brings character to your kitchen surrounding. The dark look of burgundy painted kitchen cabinets is no less than a style statement in itself.

Burgundy painted kitchen cabinets provide a dramatic overall look to the kitchen. A modern kitchen design will go perfectly with dramatic dark shades. Burgundy painted kitchen cabinets can be your way to make a dark aura of your contemporary style kitchen.

This dynamic color can be used in different ways in the kitchen. First of all, it’s possible to choose elegant kitchen units with burgundy painted kitchen cabinets—various shades of red increase the appetite, making burgundy kitchen cabinets an ideal choice for your house.

Burgundy kitchen cabinets provide your state of the art kitchen a diverse and versatile look; you can always experiment with burgundy color to see whether it fits the overall outlook of your kitchen space or not.

Things To Keep In Mind

Burgundy is such a powerful color; you would need to use it while balancing with other colors and accessories for the best effect. Too much of any color can make the place crowded and dense, but this is a mostly true burgundy attribute. Burgundy kitchen cabinets with white walls and countertops, complemented by black and stainless steel appliances and trim, will create a warm and inviting room, but relaxing. With burgundy painted kitchen cabinets, you can go entirely futuristic with a shiny and lacquered ultra-modern city look, or go completely retro with glossy cabinets and silver utensils.

Color Combinations

With dark burgundy kitchen cabinets, you would prefer to keep the background a bit light, so it doesn’t affect the presence of light in the kitchen. Holding the lighter tones in the environment supports the burgundy painted kitchen cabinets and creates a balance of color and light in the kitchen surroundings. Using excessive dark techniques can overshadow the entire vibe of the kitchen so make sure you have a balanced contrast to go with burgundy kitchen cabinets. Hence, everything in your kitchen stands apart and doesn’t get overwhelming. You can utilize different burgundy shades to give your kitchen an ideal balance keeping the feel of the kitchen cozy and friendly.

The Lighting

Keep the direction of light in your kitchen while deciding on choosing burgundy painted kitchen cabinets because it affects the mood that is created in the kitchen. You wouldn’t want your kitchen to become a dark room with no light because, in that case, the cabinets wouldn’t be visible, and it will make your daily tasks difficult in overly dark conditions. A window can be useful to reflect the natural light on your burgundy painted kitchen cabinets and the other kitchen appliances. Try making the most colors like silver or grey as they tend to reflect an adequate amount of light on the surface.


Experimenting sometimes makes things better or make them unpleasant so keep that in mind while deciding your kitchen décor because the entire environment and feel of the kitchen depend on it. Choosing burgundy kitchen cabinets might not be suitable for everyone, but it is worth a shot. You can try different colors for your kitchen. Still, suppose you can pull off the burgundy painted cabinets with the walls and the other appliances in your kitchen. In that case, this little addition in your kitchen’s outlook can lift the spirit and lighten up your mood whenever you turn to your kitchen to cook something delicious.