Kitchen Remodeling

Home renovation is not an easy task, but when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it is entirely a different ball game altogether. First, it is crucial to decide which cabinets design and colors to select. According to the theme and color of your kitchen, the color you choose for your cabinets then reflects on every remaining choice of yours, whether granite countertops, floorings, slabs, or other accessories. Kitchen cabinets lay the initial footprints, and the rest of the layout styling is followed by it.You shouldn’t consider your kitchen cabinets as just space for storage, which will be roughly dealt with on a daily basis and will be easily scratched, dented, and stained, instead consider them as the most prominent thing of your kitchen. Cabinets with the right choice of colors and elegant design complementing the theme catch the eye of everyone within a blink.

Chocolate Cabinets

When you have a light-colored theme, then dark chocolate cabinets go very well with it. It gives that woody, authentic feel to your kitchen. Chocolate cabinets are one of the most popular trends when we talk about modern kitchen décor. The dark color goes well with the kitchen, which is against the anticipation of having light colored cabinets in the kitchen. Light colors don’t have that rich and relaxing feel to it, nor it gives that luxurious feel to your kitchen, which dark or chocolate colored cabinets do. Now you know that a dark kitchen cabinet will fit in easily and compliment the looks but which shade of dark is more suitable? If this question forced you to put pressure on your mind and still you couldn’t think of a proper answer, then chocolate cabinets are the one best for you as they lie between all dark shades from pitch black to ash grey. Chocolate cabinets adjust with every style, color, and theme.

FGY offers cabinets with chocolate finishing, the type of wood used is imported beech, in both the cabinet frame and the body of the cabinet. Plywood is used for the case and shelf os the cabinet. The concealed door hinge is used, but a soft close hinge is also available. Rail of the cabinet has a full extension with a soft closing guide.

Cherry Burgundy Cabinets:

Cherry burgundy cabinets can fit in at many conditions. If you want a luxurious layout or want to match something with your woody flooring, cherry burgundy cabinets are the best option for you. If you are looking for something to compliment your light-themed background, cherry burgundy cabinets remain the best choice for you. It is like a dark horse among all the dark or woody cabinets, which on most occasions, will help you in winning the race of authentic, unique yet soothing décor. Every dark shade has its distinctive influence on the look and feel of your interior. Among all of them, cherry burgundy cabinets will have the most comforting, relaxing, and calming impact. It gives that balance between the charm and vibrance of any light color and the calmness and richness offered by any dark color.

FGY Stone provides a cabinet with a cherry burgundy finish. High-quality American Alder wood is used to manufacture Cherry burgundy cabinets. Drawers are made on the dovetail construction technique. Both the case and shelf is made out of plywood. Enough storage space provided in both wall and base cabinets with proper height and depth. The concealed door hinge is used, but an optional soft close hinge is also available. There is a full extension rail with a soft closing glide.

Visit us for the best chocolate cabinets. FGY Stone and Cabinets offer you a great range of Cherry burgundy cabinets for sale at reasonable prices, assuring that there won’t be any compromise in quality.