While style is important, a timeless style is vital. In simple words, a timeless kitchen design means that you won’t be spending several days of your life researching kitchen remodeling again anytime soon – because your model will be sustainable for a few decades. Does this concept sound intriguing? Awesome, consider Shaker style what or gray cabinets in your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Originally, Shaker-style cabinets were built by the Shaker religious community (don’t confuse it with Quaker community, that’s different) predominately during the whole of 19th century. The guiding principles of the Shaker religion included honesty, utility, and simplicity. The aspects of utility and simplicity of these principles were quite evident in their wooden, hand-made furniture, which ranged from dressers and cabinetry to tables, beds, and famous ladder-back chairs.

Shaker cabinet doors consist of a panel and frame profile, which is also known as stile and rail construction in the woodworking world. The design enthusiasts have enjoyed, so to speak, ‘return to simplicity’, and that’s one of the major reasons why Shaker style cabinet doors are so famous in every design circle – from the conventional to the modern.

Modern Shaker-Style Kitchens

The Shaker-style cabinetry is appreciated by the modern kitchen because it is uncluttered and clean. The doors may either be left plain, or cabinet hardware may be added, based on a home-owners preference. Although finished woods add warmth to modern kitchens, Shaker cabinets look just as attractive as painted gray and white. If you love the modern look of cabinets that boast eye-catching dark wood grains, we can give you some samples of Shaker cabinet doors.

Transitional Shaker Kitchens

Often, transitional kitchen designers choose Shaker-style cabinets because they help in creating the transition between modern and traditional kitchen elements. Although a Shaker enthusiast may balk at any changes made to this conventionally pure cabinetry style, modern shaker cabinets can also be made with a slightly beveled edge. The design difference is very minor, but that extra little adornment will also help to keep your kitchen from sliding into the category of modern design.

Traditional Shaker-Style Kitchens

In their design, even the traditional kitchens can use this clean design. That beveled edge that’s mentioned before, will assist you in keeping the look more conventional, as will a lighter paint color or wood finish from a country or farmhouse kitchen palette, especially with a distressed cabinet glaze. Selecting door hardware and eclectic/antique drawer will also assist in adding that traditional vibe to your cabinets.

Are Shaker Cabinets Cost-Effective?

You bet, Shakers were frugal, and you can be as well. If you cannot afford solid wood cabinetry, try refacing your cabinets with laminate doors. If you’re looking for Shaker white and gray cabinets, contact FGY Stone & Cabinet. We have what it takes to make your cabinetry look way more awesome than it currently is – that’s a promise!