We want to offer you the best slate tiles at the best price and advise you to make a perfect choice. These tiles are made of slate, a rock that results from the compaction and transformation of clay in layers. Their appearance has thin overlapping sheets. Slate colors are usually bluish black or greyish black, although there are also other shades of green, red, ocher, etc.

Currently, slate tiles’ choice has become as important a choice as the rest of the décor. Slate tiles for sale are such an important decision that it will define the bravura of our house. Slate tiles have an irregular and rustic appearance and go well with indoor and outdoor walls and floors.

Buy Slate Tiles Online At FGY Online.

Rustic or classic persist but contemporary slate tiles are becoming more and more fashionable with more minimalist lines. Thanks to slate tiles online at FGY, there are currently many options for kitchen and bathroom flooring and different options for wall tiles. Find a variety of models for slate tiles for sale.

There is a multitude of formats, finishes and colors. Your choice depends on different factors to decide the best slate tiles for your home. Slate tiles merge well with marble, wood, cement, rustic, stone and any tile. Among the entire range at FGY, it is worth highlighting that large-format slate tiles with rectified edges add elegance and personality to any space.
The installation of slate tiles using a careful technique is necessary, as the pieces can crack if not handled properly. It is also advisable to carry out a water-repellent treatment after installation.

12 x 12
Black Slate
16 x 16
Beachwood Slate Honed Straight Edge
Black Pearl Slate Gauged
Brazilian Multicolor Slate Gauged
Country Grey Slate Burshed
Rajah Multicolor Slate Gauged
Kale Blend Tumbled Paver
Mocha Jura Tumbled Paver