It is common knowledge that the most expensive part of kitchen remodeling is cabinet making. This is why, in most cases, people consider remodeling kitchen cabinets after thinking many times. However, this does not have to be this way – with a little creativity, necessary DIY skills, and some time, old kitchen cabinets and countertops likely get a new face.

Looking for alternatives to kitchen remodeling cabinets, here are a few beautiful ideas that we wanted to share with you.

Let Us Get Started! 

First, you have to evaluate the general condition of the cabinets. If they are giving way, are broken or unstable, it is best to buy new ones. However, if you wish to get rid of the frontage, older cabinets can be your choice for kitchen remodeling cabinets.

Step By Step

Before beginning any kitchen remodeling cabinets or kitchen remodeling countertops project, the cabinets and countertops must be prepared.

  • Doors from the cabinets need to remove and tagged for proper placement
  • Countertop surfaces must be smooth and neat. It is necessary to remove the dust with an antistatic cloth
  • Endless number of material options to create a memorable ending
  • Although paint is the most common option, the way it is finished is crucial
  • Paint the old piece of cabinets by creating geometric patterns using painter’s tape. You can create various figures, squares, points, etc. It is also feasible to apply adhesive paper or decorative vinyl
  • These are not the only options for kitchen remodeling cabinetsAnother alternative is to decorate the doors with wooden details and tin or veneer sheets, stick pieces of tiles
  • Make decoupage, among thousands of other options


Five Feisty Ideas For Kitchen Remodeling Cabinets And Countertops 


  1. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Many people suffer from inadequate lighting in the kitchen. Some even have to deal with the dreaded kitchen with excessive lighting. In a room as functional as the kitchen, lighting can have a more significant impact on your productivity than you might expect. As we like to say, “Kitchen lighting should never be an afterthought,” Under-cabinet lighting is one of the brightest ideas of all.


If you prepare some of your food with perimeter cabinets with top cabinets and countertops, add task lighting underneath. Using brighter lights and other task-oriented lighting options, you can make your under cabinet lights part of the task lighting plan.


  1. Ambient Kitchen Cabinet Lighting


Ambient lighting is all about creating a mood that can be a more relaxed and inviting mood for waking up in the morning. Maybe it is a more romantic glow for those happy couple of moments. Ambient lighting can include fun colors. Again, dimmers are a bonus here, and do not forget about standing lighting as an added option.



  1. Paint The Wooden Kitchen Cabinets 

Swap the top row of cabinets for open shelves. Paint the walls and fixtures in a “marine” range requires minimal effort, yet completely change a dull and lifeless interior.


  1. Add Tiles Of The Same Color

Get kitchen remodeling cabinets renovated using white paint and tiles of the same color. This ornamentation will not only make the kitchen look brighter but also make it more spacious. The trick to this kitchen cabinet is not only in the harmonious color scheme but also in the makeshift window, which adds more light and warmth to this small space.


  1. Accentuate Kitchen Countertops 

The kitchen countertops look great with a white background. Together with other accessories, they do not let the kitchen become a sterile and lifeless space.


Kitchen Remodeling Countertop Tips:

  • Use the same white paint with a tint of orange to turn a traditional kitchen into a modern space.
  • Even the oldest interior can have a second life. It is important to choose a range of suitable colors and accessories.