Why go to an unknown store specializing in home hardware for kitchen sinks, when you can buy them from FGY Stone & Cabinet? Likewise, going to Home Depot for kitchen cabinets, for example, may or may not get you what you’re looking for – but you’ll certainly end up buying other items as well. What a waste of your time and money. At FGY Stone & Cabinet, we can help you save on both. You’ve come to the right place for projects such as kitchen – remodeling cabinets to kitchen – remodeling countertops, those involving cabinets and stone, and many more.

The kitchen is a central space in every house. You not only cook food there, but also share with family and friends. That is why a well-equipped, organized kitchen makes for a more stress-free environment. Get inspired by cutting-edge innovation in architecture and design – check out our product catalogs and be amazed by the latest in kitchen décor.

We have kitchen cabinets and countertops for sale, as well as an exclusive collection of tiles and floorings that combine elegance and durability, aesthetic details and technical characteristics.

Kitchen Countertops On A Budget

FGY Stone & Cabinet bring your kitchen to life with kitchen cabinets and countertops that are resistant to scratches, high temperatures, chemicals, and UV rays, in addition to being stain-resistant. Along with style and durability, our kitchen fixtures, including countertops, are reasonably priced.

FGY Stone & Cabinet also has several styles of kitchen faucets on sale, in different finishes to satisfy the tastes, needs and fashion sense of owners, interior designers or architects worldwide. We also have an exclusive line of kitchen sinks in comprehensive and minimalist designs.

Our kitchen fixtures are listed below


Kitchen cabinets are installed on the top or bottom of the same space where the stove and dishwasher are placed. There are several types on offer: with drawers, door(s), combined door and drawer, removable, corner, etc. They make up the base for the deck or countertop, as well as make more space available to store items ranging from dinner sets and electrical appliances to cutlery, and your supply of kitchen tissues and garbage bags.



Choosing the right kitchen countertop for your home is one of the most important decisions when it comes to renovating your kitchen. At FGY Stone & Cabinet, we offer you the best kitchen remodeling countertops. You just have to compare them, and select the one that suits your taste! Choose from a wide variety of materials and styles that go with your kitchen. Compare the material available that are different in quality, sizes, resistance, prices, cleaning and maintenance.

Granite and marble countertops are some of the most used types, and are a kitchen classic, due to their resistance, longevity and hardness of the material. If you already know the material you want for your kitchen countertop, don’t wait to contact our expert in countertop installation. Get a free quote today.


At FGY Stone & Cabinet, we offer vinyl, marble, slate, and mosaics tiles formed using different tiling techniques. Buy kitchen floor tiles from our store.



Your kitchen floor has a lot of wear and tear ahead of it. It will bear dirt, bumps, food scraps, and more. Choosing the right tiles and flooring is important for eliminating stress that would otherwise come due to them. We have a selection of laminate flooring that matches the beauty of real wood. Available in a wide range of tones and textures, laminate flooring fits well with any style, from a contemporary apartment to a country house, and does not go out of style.

You can opt for waterproof vinyl flooring, if you like its design and texture. They are pleasant to look at, recyclable, reliable and durable. They can be sanded, and still look like new, or you can have them dyed in infinite shades.

We look forward to helping you with your kitchen decisions and answering your questions. You will find a great selection of designer flooring at FGY Stone & Cabinet.