Buy Mosaic Tiles Online To Reform In Your House.

At FGY, you can buy mosaic tiles online that install, as you prefer in bathrooms, kitchens, and even in spaces such as hallways, living rooms and other places of the home or business.

Why Buy Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can from unique pieces, not just ceramic pieces. The different elements that make up the mosaic tile can be ceramic, glass, metal, ceramic with a metal finish. These mosaic tiles for interiors and suitable on walls and metallic finishes. These tiles can turn ordinary floors look amazing. It is common to find them in showers and bathrooms, since they are suitable for the use of water, due to their non-slip finish.

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Glass Combination 12 x 12


Ice Crackle Glass Mesh Mosaic Pattern


Linear Glass Stone Blend


Linear Glass Stone Blend


MS-LP323 Linear Glass Stone Blend