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What Is Travertine Marble?

Travertine marble is a sedimentary stone formed mainly by calcium carbonate. This type of marble boasts typical features.

Characteristics Of Travertine Marble

This type of marble rock has been used in the construction of public buildings since Ancient Rome. It has a wide variety of finishes from grey, cream, red and yellow tones. The characteristics that we present to you make travertine an outstanding construction material.
Our Travertine marble floor tiles are super resistant and can last a lifetime. It’s the sedimentary nature gives it a very compact and malleable body for interior design. Thanks to the porosity of the material, it offers excellent adhesion even when wet.

Travertine marble floor tiles allow us to play with different finishes:

• Polished: with light-reflecting effect
• Aged: through a particular treatment, the properties of the stone are realized
• Honed: the surface is treated until it is smooth and reflects light
• Gross: the natural color and texture of the material is displayed

As experts in the sale of travertine marble, we can offer you the best price m2 (square meter) for the following utilities:

6 x 24

12 x 12

18 x 18


ACalacatta Oro Marble Polished


St. Laurent Marble Polished


White Carrara Marble Polished


Crema Viejo Travertine Filled & Honed


Crema Viejo Travertine Polished


Mediterranean Beige Travertine Filled & Honed


Scabos Travertine Filled & Honed


Sedona BronzeTravertine Filled & Honed Vein-Cut


Silver Mist Travertine Filled & Honed


Veracruz Sand Travertine Polished Vein-Cut


Veracruz Sand Travertine Tumble