If you are considering to renovate your home’s flooring and looking for something unique and classy, then laminate flooring could be the solution to your need. Laminate flooring provides the woody texture and a new modern aesthetic to your entire house or office. Laminate can survive wet towels and stand up to heavy traffic and dropped curling irons. It also resists even the toughest marks.


Laminate is a tough, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting flooring surface. It is protected by a solid external layer and resin coating. It’s excellent for high movement spaces and households where there are pets and children. For standard residential and light commercial use, be sure to choose a laminate with an AC rating of 3 or higher.

Easy To Install

Laminate is quite convenient to install than other floor types like tiles, which require an immense amount of time to be installed properly. That’s because the boards are made to interlock, making them easy to work with. Additionally, laminate could be spread over most existing floors, saving installation time over other flooring types that may need to be glued, stapled, or nailed down. It’s so easy to install; that majority of the people can do it all by themselves over a weekend.


Laminate flooring is less costly than the standard hardwood and tiles but doesn’t fall short in appearance and quality. There’s a lot of choices available in the market according to different budgets.


Laminate can be installed on nearly any subfloor type, like concrete or even pre-existing vinyl floors. In many cases, when installing a hardwood floor or any tiles is not compatible with a subfloor, laminate flooring is a better option.


Laminate flooring is sold in a wide range of wood, stone, and tile finishes. All of these are available in different shades, surface treatments, thicknesses, and plank styles. You can choose from other types of laminate flooring with various textures or get them customized according to your requirements.


Laminate flooring is way more aesthetic as compared to the generic tiles. It provides an overall modern look to your space and enhances the vibe of the place. It is a decent investment if you are looking to buy something woody but not wanting to opt for natural wood for your house or office space.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Laminate flooring’s moisture and stain-resistant exterior make cleaning spills stress-free. There are no specialized cleaners required to keep a laminate floor in top shape. You are good to go with daily sweeping and mopping.


Since there are no spaces to trap dust and other particles that can cause allergies for some people, laminate flooring is a great choice. The underlayment provides a moisture barrier for the flooring that protects the floor from getting damaged.

A Good Substitute To Tiles

Laminate flooring is the perfect substitute for generic tiles far more expensive and fragile than the long-lasting laminate flooring. It also provides a unique texture that cannot be achieved by installing various kinds of tiles. As far as the price is concerned, laminate flooring is much cheaper and affordable than the tiles and provides better durability and value for money.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Laminate is convenient, but it comes with its limitation, and that’s the downside. If you were thinking about laminate flooring for a laundry room and bathroom, the risk of a more severe water leak makes it a wrong choice. Kitchens can also be installed with laminate flooring, but also less recommended.

Laminates are built to be water-resistant but not waterproof. The well-sealed layer of laminates tolerate mopping and cleaning with no trouble, but once water finds its way along the edges of the laminate, below the surface layer, or into the locking mechanism, warping and swelling can damage your floor.

Also, laminates are made to look like real wood. But, they’re not natural wood certainly.  If you want the acoustics of real hardwood under your bare feet, you’d have to opt for a thicker, more expensive board such as a 12mm or 15mm laminate.


Different types of spaces require different laminate floorings, such as some places are exposed to moisture more often than the others, so make sure you buy the kind of lamination that is waterproof. All types of laminate flooring options are available for sale in the market; just a little research can help you to make the right decision.

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